Creative cookery holidays

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Creative cookery holidays

What's special about the cookery holidays?

Our creative cooking holidays take place in idyllic Trujillo, a picturesque walled town with a magical atmosphere. Trujillo is one of historic Spain’s most precious places, famous for its strategic involvement in the discovery of the Americas and birthplace of the powerful 16th century Spanish "Conquistadors".

The creative cooking course will provide an inspiring Spanish holiday with the chance to learn and socialise as well as the unique opportunity of staying in a magnificent historical Palacio.

The venue for the week is the very special Palacio de Piedras Albas, one of Trujillo’s most beautiful 16th century buildings with a stunning portico overlooking the vibrant main square. The Palacio is a private house with beautifully preserved features, offering guests the unique opportunity to stay in an exclusive historic Spanish residence.   

The cookery tutor

We are excited to work with a local cookery tutor who has designed a course suitable for all levels of experience. You don’t need to be an expert cook, our Spanish cooking holidays are for everyone!

Using the very best ingredients, the cookery tutors will share tips and magical food combinations which explore the cultural flow between Iberic, Moroccan, Middle Eastern and Latin American cuisine. Guests will have the chance to cook, watch demonstrations, shop at the local Spanish market, visit the area and hear all about the culinary history of the Extremadura region.

Gastronomic Delights

Imagine spending part of your day grinding aromatic spices, stirring rich chocolate mole, pressing homemade tortillas, roasting local vegetables and baking sweet cakes only to enjoy their unique flavours upon completion.  Foodie heaven!

Guests will create dishes with a plethora of new flavours, some introduced centuries ago from the Americas by Spanish Conquistadors. These flavours include experimentation with several local specialities such as wild asparagus, sheep’s cheese and the famous Spanish ham (jamón iberico de bellota), as well as ingredients brought back to Europe from the New World such as yams, maize, avocados, sunflowers, squash, quinoa, turkey, peppers and chocolate.

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Lunches are served in the perfectly peaceful shaded gardens and dinners on the remarkable Florentine portico overlooking the main square. There's no better spot to relax whilst taking in the wondrous Spanish architecture or perhaps just to watch the world go by! On the last night the cookery students prepare a Conquistadors feast enjoyed by the group in the formal dining room. Afternoons are spent at leisure, enjoying perfect peace and quiet in the gardens filled with lemon trees and flowers or relaxing by the lovely swimming pool.

Seeing the area

The trip itself is an adventure, but no holiday in Truijllo is complete without tasting the culture itself. Guests will be taken on a guided tour of Trujillo with expert direction. Experience panoramic views from the castle and stroll down traditional Spanish lanes that wind through the town with secret gardens, jasmine and orange trees glimpsed over high stone walls.

Enjoy conquistador palacios with exquisite facades and beautiful interiors and sublime churches endowed with impressive works of art. Sip wine on the open air terraces in the main square, whilst you watch the sun go down and the ancient buildings glow. Unforgettable!

Two additional excursions are also included in this unique package, including a journey to Montanchez to see the famous production process of jamón, or Spanish ham. Explore a traditional jamón house while sampling it fresh, followed by visits to dehesa where Iberic black pigs roam freely and the Visigoth basilica of Santa Lucia nearby. Later in the week depart for the medieval town of Caceres, named Spain's Capital of Gastronomy 2015. Take a guided walk through the town and Moorish aljibe.

Accommodation, Group Size & Single Travellers

Our Extremadura holidays are suitable for couples, groups and people travelling alone. Non-cooking partners and friends are welcome to join, as are guests staying in our other villas on a non-residential basis. Please enquire for more details.

Prices for Cookery Holiday

  • 7 nights cooking holiday, accommodation, GBP £975.00 per person. 
  • We offer 10% reduction on the total cost if a couple of two friends share a room. 
  • We do not charge extra for single travellers occupying a double room with en-suite bathroom. 
  • Discounts are available if you arrange a group of 4-6 friends.

What does the holiday include?

  • 7 nights cooking holiday and accommodation. 
  • Cooking tuition: 3 days, 4 hours per day. 
  • 2 guided day trips with excursions to Montanchez and Caceres.
  • Dinner every evening at the Palacio. Lunch on 4 days at the Palacio. Vegetarian dishes available.
  • All ingredients, equipment and travel for local excursions included.

Not included - arrival and departure travel to and from Trujillo, food/beverages/entrance fees whilst on excursions, medical and personal insurance. 

Cookery course bookings

To book your place or for more information, please contact Angela Garton by email or by phone +44 7760 171 442.

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