National Cheese Festival in Trujillo, Spain

National Cheese Festival in Trujillo, Spain

Come Enjoy the National Cheese Festival in Trujillo, Spain

National Spanish Cheese Festival in Trujillo, Spain

Every year the city of Trujillo in the Extremadura region of Spain, offers a warm welcome to visitors as they gather from far and wide to enjoy the National Spanish Cheese Festival.

This year “La Feria del Queso” as it is known locally, is in its 30th year and the festival will take place in Trujillo from 28 April to 1 May 2017. The event attracts thousands of visitors who all agree that the city of Trujillo is the perfect food holiday destination.

The festival is now the largest cheese fair in the world and the beautiful Plaza Mayor in Trujillo (main square), is the backdrop for the occasion, being transformed into a colourful cheese village. Hundreds of stands displaying the finest local and national cheeses are filled with the tastes and smells of traditional and contemporary cheese. The cheese is also accompanied by wine and beer stalls. Foodie heaven!

Are you a Foodie?

If you're planning to visit this rustic part of Spain as part of a foodie holiday or you're staying in the region, the National Spanish Cheese Festival in Trujillo offers mouth-watering treats for everyone.

Spain has the fourth largest consumption of cheese in the world and this love of cheese is demonstrated through the hundreds of cheese makers who will be at the festival.

Many stands at the festival are local cheesemakers and farmers who use milk from their goats or sheep and develop and mature their own cheeses. The local cheeses are both delicious and very rustic and the festival offers visitors the opportunity to try many rare types of cheese not found anywhere else outside the area.

National Spanish Cheese Festival in Trujillo, Spain

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese...and More Cheese

In Extremadura, cheese is made mainly from the milk of goats and sheep. There are 3 main regional cheese denominations: Torta del Casar, Torta La Serena and Los Ibores:

  • Torta del Casar; made from sheep's milk, this cheese is one of the most renowned in the festival's home region of Extremadura.  Curdled with thistle, it is eaten by slicing the top off the round casing and using the creamy contents to cover thick crusts of bread. It's also used to top a meat cake of onion and minced beef to produce a local, filling dish.
  • Los Ibores; a goat's cheese, Los Ibores is made in the Ybor valley of nearby Caceres. Produced since the 15th century and made from the milk of Serranas goats, this cheese has a mild taste with a slight spicy, salty flavour. It is perfect served with a sprinkling of paprika, then covered with oil alongside a simple salad. It is also delicious when cooked and served with roasted figs.
  • Torta la Serena; a sheep's milk cheese, which is made from the milk of the merino sheep. This is another cheese to slice open at the top. It’s even more flavoursome when warmed slightly as a whole cheese before being opened as it brings out the nutty flavour even more.
  • Manchego; a national favourite, which will be seen on a number of stalls in Trujillo. It's a firm sheep's milk and is a staple of the country. It is well-developed in flavour, but doesn’t have an overpowering taste. When blended with cow's milk, it is known as Manchego Iberico. It's a great accompaniment to a selection of small bowls of tapas. 

Some cheesemakers produce their cheeses from one kind of milk, others from a mix. The results give a whole palette of gastronomic delights; soft cheese you can easily eat with a spoon or round, plump and yielding pieces you slice for tapas or perhaps salty, piquant flavours.

The fair is not limited to Extremadura and there will be a large display of cheese from other regions of Spain such as Murcia.

Following the popularity of hosting a guest nation at the festival, previously Portugal, France and Italy this year the cheese festival will welcome an international country to take part. Watch this space!

With more than 500 varieties of national and international cheese to taste visitors will be spoilt for choice! 

Stay in Trujillo during the National Spanish Cheese Festival

If you don't want to miss a minute of the amazing National Cheese Festival in Trujillo, Spain the vest solution is to stay right at the centre of the action, in one of our beautifully restored villas. Our five beautiful rental villas are located in Trujillo itself, offering guests the unique opportunity to enjoy the festival on your doorstep. Steeped in history, the Trujillo villas offer a wealth of possibilities to suit all budgets. Choose from the perfect room with a view, a romantic getaway, a garden paradise or a unique historic palacio. The Palacio is one of Trujillo's most unique historic landmarks. Built in 1530, the house is located directly on the main square offering amazing views of the festival.

Trujillo Villas offers the best self-catering luxury accommodation in the area for beauty, history and wildlife. Coverage on the Trujillo Villas includes Sunday Times Travel on 1st Feb, featured in the Spain and Portugal Special under the Hottest Villas of 2015; Harpers Bazaar magazine, Woman and Home, Conde Nast Traveller, the Easy Jet in-flight magazine and in The Times Travel UK with "The 50 Best Holidays in Spain".

You'll leave with your tate buds tantalised, as well as bags full of wheels and slices of lovingly crafted food to take home as a keep-sake from your time in Trujillo.

International cheeses come to Trujillo

This year, the National Spanish Cheese Festival is excitingly hosting two guests – the guest nation is Switzerland and the guest region is the Canary Islands.

Switzerland is world famous for its cheeses and some of the most popular cheeses come from the landlocked European country, also famed for fondue, chocolate and muesli.  Some of the most popular cheeses include Gruyere and Emmental, named after the valleys where they are produced. Gruyere is hard whilst Emmental is medium-hard and famous for its holey texture. You can expect to enjoy some delicious cheeses in Trujillo from Switzerland, and you may be lucky enough to sample some fondue, malakoff or raclette.

And from one of the world’s most famous cheese producers, to a region you may not even know produced cheese! The Canary Islands archipelago lies far to the South West of Spain’s most southern region, Analucia. However, the Canary Islands have many delicious cheeses too that are very popular locally, especially goats cheeses. In fact, two cheeses are protected by the Denominacion de Origen label. Majorero cheese is similar manchego, one of the most famous Spanish cheeses. In fact, one of the traditional ways to serve it covered in pimenton – Spanish smoked paprika that is produced in where else but Extremadura! Another delicious example of Canarian dairy produce is almogrote – a soft paste made from hard cheese, peppers, olive oil and garlic. This is delish spread on toast!

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