Fit For a Lannister: Learn About This Lavish Getaway

Fit For a Lannister: Learn About This Lavish Getaway

Make the Iron Throne your agenda

No more pining at your TV screen, about how grand and alluring the scenery is on Game of Thrones, wishing you were in their world. Negate the CGI and colour correcting, and imagine the authentic, stripped back version of Casterly Rock in front of you. Yes, this can be a reality.

Introducing... Trujillo, a town in southwestern Spain, site location of the Trujillo Castle where the Season 7 cast of Game of Thrones toiled to take the perfect shots of the Lannisters' ancestral stronghold - Casterly Rock. Listen carefully, and you may even hear Jaime Lannister and Bronn bickering amongst themselves. Live it out in one of Trujillo Villas' coveted abodes.

The Castle Itself

Hailing as the highest part of Trujillo, it was established in the 13th century as an Islamic fortress, guarding the military prowess of the Moorish, much like it guarded the aristocratic Lannisters' crimson red banners.

Not a Game of Thrones fan? Do not despair. Trujillo has a slice of the good life for everyone. Keep reading to find out...

Enviable Extremadura

The tantalizing town of Trujillo is located in the province of Extremadura, a charming up-and-coming Spanish landscape, fit to tug at the heart strings of anyone with a sensitive and adventurous heart. From the richness of history it holds, to its compelling culinary makeup, this region will be sure to cater to all your senses.

High-Calibre History

Extremadura happens to be the birthplace of the most recognizable Conquistadors, such as Hernán Cortés and Francisco Pizarro. These household names eventually all came back home to Trujillo, with their riches from the Americas, and built impressive residences as well as notable landmarks that could tickle any architect enthusiasts' fancy.

Trujillo's Moorish architecture

If the thrill of fiction from Game of Thrones is not enough, you will definitely feel the gravity of history, and the merging of cultures and architecture. From Moorish to Renaissance - it's all there for your eyes to feast on.

Ever so Epicurious

The food world can feel so saturated these days. With the advent of social media, and culinary trends or fads, it becomes challenging for one to discern what culinary traditions to honestly respect.

Look no further, as Extremadura is ground zero for dehesa - a traditional system of agroforestry. Dehesa is the natural habitat of Iberian pigs. Yes, now start salivating - imagine the best quality of jamón ibérico, coming from its utterly nonadulterated motherland. Why would you want it from anywhere else? It would be like asking for and expecting fresh seafood whilst inland.

Vegetarians - do not worry. The soil also generates the produce for pimentón de la Vera - a sweet, smoked paprika powder that is Spain's most sought-after spice after saffron.

It's easier than lifting a finger to sample all of Trujillo's local flavours by having a home-cooked meal at your villa. Contact to arrange this.

If you want to get hands-on, and maybe impress a loved one, bring out your inner chef with cookery lessons. These will give you the unique opportunity to interact with local produce, and make something of your own - a dish with a personal touch. Find out more details here.

Winsome Wilderness

Along the same lines to its integrity in food, we can thank Extremadura's low human population density for its pristineness in nature. The National Park at Monfragüe is just half an hour away, where you can spot rare beauties such as the Iberian Lynx, red roe and fallow deer.

If you're one for the aviary species, your birdwatching experience will not come short. Trujillo holds 15% of the entire world's population of the threatened Great and Lesser Bustards.

Whether you're seeking to relive the familiarities of your heroes from past or present, or having a burning desire to concoct or consume a credible meal, Trujillo truly meets every needed facet of a break from the city. Let family-run hospitality be the cherry-on-top of this journey. Explore our villas here - accommodating for 2, to as many as 9 guests.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get in contact, and book your next stellar experience.

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