Spains Best Kept Secret - A Gastronomical Locale

Spains Best Kept Secret - A Gastronomical Locale

We have always known that the Extremadura region is a stunning destination for dazzling cuisine and culture, but it is always great when a popular entertainment outlet agrees with you! Just recently, Trujillo Villas featured online in Ireland’s popular entertainment outlet, Xposé.ie.


The Extremadura region boasts itself as a hallmark of where culture meets taste. With all of the spectacular delicacy producers in the area your taste buds will feel truly pampered. Juan Carlos of Casa Bautista is one shining example. The passion and attention to detail that goes into producing jamón ibérico (Iberian cured ham) is fascinating. The ham can be kept in the dark for up to three years to cure, wooing them to their fullest taste. Because of this meticulous process, some hams can fetch up to 1000 euros (£892). 

Ben Woods had the enviable opportunity to sample a range of Spanish cured hams. Jamón ibérico de bellota is the finest kind – made from pigs feasting on an strict acorn diet. When sliced, one can view “a soft ruby red meat flecked with white speckles”. Woods also tries jamón cebo – “a lightly tougher meat from a pig fed on grains”. These pigs are still raised free range, roaming the pristine grounds of Extremadura.

But the culinary experience didn’t end there. Ben also visited a Leosetin – a producer of extra virgin olive oil and describes this golden elixir as being “buttery and soft, leaving a peppery sensation flitting in your throat”. Read more in the full article.

Food is not all that the Extremadura region offers. Treks to Trujillo for stunning architecture and historical landscapes are commonplace for visitors to the region. It’s hard to not see why Trujillo was valiantly guarded for so long. The town’s influences date back to the Roman period. It was then inhabited by the Arabs for five centuries before the Christians conquered it in 1232. The historical profundity and dynamic gastronomy will tickle anyone’s intellect as well as their taste buds. If you’re looking for a sophisticated, culture-filled getaway away from the touristy parts of Spain, Trujillo Villas are your best bet. Get in touch today to find out more details regarding your stay with us.

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