Visit the Home of a Great Conquistador

Visit the Home of a Great Conquistador

The old city of Trujillo is filled with charming medieval and renaissance buildings steeped in history. The beauty of the region is matched by the this history and reflected in the amazing examples of architecture that have survived hundreds of years. 

Travel Back in Time with the Pizarro House Museum

The Pizarro House museum was the family home of Francisco Pizarro, the renowned conquistador who once helped Spain conquered the Inca Empire in 1530s.

Pizarro joined the Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa in the march to the “South Sea” in which they discovered the Pacific Ocean. He conquered Peru in 1532 and founded the nation’s new capital, Lima, in 1535.

The early life of the conquistador is unveiled through documents, furniture and other artifacts exhibited in the museum. The re-creation of the house revealed the upbringing environment of Pizarro. 

Original artworks of the house are displayed, which tell the multi-layered history of this character from the past.

On the upper floor of the museum, Pizarro’s later life is explained. From the conquistador’s ambition in expanding the Spain territory to Peru to his death in the palace, Pizarro’s life story has been brought to life again in the museum.

Masterpieces in the Coria Museum

The Coria Museum was built in the 15th century for the Clarissa nuns from the Convent of San Francisco who then left the convent at the War of Independence. The place was then left to ruin. 

In 1969, Xavier Salas restored the building and turned it into a glorious museum.

On top of the art pieces displayed, one of the most valuable exhibits of the Coria Museum is the bust and reproduction of Franciso Pizarro’s skull!

The captivating museums in Extremadura allow you to have a taste of the fascinating history of the region that shouldn't be missed out on when if you are looking to explore the culture and history of Spain. 

Immerse in the rich history of Spain – stay overnight!

If you would like to further experience the culture and history, where better to stay than in the heart of Trujillo?

Trujillo Villas Espana offers sumptuous villas in Trujillo where you can conveniently travel to the above-mentioned museums.

A standout choice is the Garden Cottage. It is an historic cottage perched high up by the castle. The cottage features a garden, a pool and a private tennis court in addition to a panoramic and unspoilt view.

If you are into history, then Villa Piedras Albas may be the perfect place for you.

Built in 1530, the villa is one of Trujillo’s most unique historic landmarks. The arched loggia in the villa provides the perfect setting to enjoy the view of Trujillo Square while you enjoy a glass of wine or a romantic dinner al fresco.

For more information, please feel free to contact us. Or you can learn more tourism opportunities in Extremadura here.

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