Explore Trujillo

Explore Trujillo

Trujillo, located in authentic Spain, is one of the area’s most important historic and cultural towns and there is plenty to see and do during your holiday.

Villa Martires, the Garden Cottage, the Artists Studio and Villa Moritos are located at the summit of the town, directly among Trujillo’s historic monuments and castle. Villa Piedras Albas and The Townhouse are directly on the main square, so sightseeing from all our properties is easy.

Sign up for a local tour or take a stroll around Trujillo to learn about its incredible history and to admire the perfectly preserved historic Spanish architecture which spans Roman, Moorish, Gothic and Renaissance periods.

Must see landmarks include:

  • The 10th century Moorish castle and its small chapel which is a tribute to the town patron saint, Virgin of the Victoria. Don’t miss the open air theatre during the summer months and do climb the castle ramparts to enjoy the incredible views of the countryside.
  • The statue of Francisco Pizzaro by Charles Rumsey celebrating the conquistador’s victorious return to Spain from Latin America.
  • Trujillo’s magnificent seventeen churches, including San Martin church in the main Square and the must-see Santa Maria La Mayor church which is located directly outside Villa Moritos and the Artists Studio. Santa Maria La Mayor has an impressive altar piece painted by Fernando Gallego (1466-1507) and has been the venue for many important occasions throughout history, including the funeral of King John II of Aragon in 1479.
  • The main square, considered one of the finest examples of 16th century Spanish Renaissance architecture in Europe, including:
    - Palacio de la Conquista built by Hernando Pizarro, Francisco Pizarro's brother. The 16th century property is renaissance in design, with outstanding stonework to portray wealth and the conquest of Peru.
    - Palacio de los Duques de San Carlos which features a plateresque facade and 5 chimneys to commemorate the varying styles of temples found in South America during the conquest.
    - The Palacio de la Quintanilla with its intricately designed twisted stone columns, originally the house of weights & measures.
    - Casa de las Cadenas, house of the Chaves-Orellana family, honoured in 1583 by Philip II by means of the chain which hangs above the front door.
    - 16th century Palacio de Piedras Albas (one of the Trujillo Villas España properties available to rent, please see Villa Piedras Albas detail pages). The 16th century palace has the town's earliest example of a Florentine style arched loggia, built by Don Pedro Suárez de Toledo.

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