Where are the villas located?
Villa Martires, The Garden Cottage, the Artists Studio and Villa Moritos are located at the summit of the town, directly among Trujillo’s historic monuments and castle. All villas have amazing views of the countryside and are conveniently located 5 minutes walk from the main square.

Villa Piedras Albas and The Townhouse are located on the main square, so have easy access to shops, restaurants and cafes. Villa Piedras Albas has the best view of the main square from its private loggia which directly overlooks it.

How easy is parking at the Villas?
Villa Martires and The Garden Cottage have off street parking. All villas have free on-street parking adjacent to the properties.

Do the villas have swimming pools?
Villa Martires, The Garden Cottage, Villa Moritos and Villa Piedras Albas have securely enclosed swimming pools. Please note the swimming pools are closed from19 October to 18 May. 
The Townhouse has a splash pool which can be organised on request. Please contact the Property Manager, details on Contact Us Page.

There is a municipal swimming pool in the town near the bus station.

Do the villas have access to a tennis court?
Villa Martires and The Garden Cottage have a private tennis court. There are public tennis courts at the bottom of the town near the bus station.

Do the villas have satellite TV & broadband?
All villas have TV's with Spanish channels and DVD players. All villas have guest Wifi, except The Townhouse. 

Do the villas have wheelchair access?
Villa Moritos is wheelchair friendly, however the swimming pool is accessed down two steps into the lower garden. Please see villa detail pages for the property layout.

Is Trujillo a safe place to visit?
Trujillo is located  in Authentic Spain, designated for families to travel and enjoy a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere here. Please see our About Us Page / Reviews.

As a precaution, we advise that reasonable care is taken when visitors leave the villas to go out and that doors and windows are locked. Insurance for personal belongings is required.

Are the villas suitable for young children?
Children are welcome in our villas but, as a guideline to parents we have recommended age restrictions to selected villas. Our properties are historic monuments and have views (and drops!) so parents are advised to view the villa detail pages for more information on the style of the villas before booking.

Are there Medical Facilities in Trujillo?
The nearest hospitals are in Caceres which is 45km by car. If you need to see a doctor during your stay in Trujillo, go to the Ambulatorio/Urgencias drop in centre, open 24hours; telephone (+34) 927 322 016. If you need any assistance please contact our local representative. There are also dentists and several pharmacies around town. Travel and medical insurance is required in case of medical emergencies. Please notify us if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

What does the housekeeping service include?
Our team of housekeepers arrive at 11am as applicable, and will do general maintenance cleaning including bathrooms and unloading dishwashers. There is weekly linen and towel change.

Are there clothes washing facilities at the Villas?
All our villas come with washing machines, bucket, mop, ironing board and mop included. There is also a local laundry and dry cleaning service in town.

What is included in the Welcome Pack?
As part of the villa rental, we provide you with a welcome pack to get you started.

You can also order extra items in advance of your stay from our pre-order shopping service. To view and buy extra items from our shopping service, simply fill out the form and select the additional services button when you pay through our website. We will deliver them to your villa before you arrive. Easy!

What Time Do Shops Open?
The two supermarkets are open all day from 09.30 to 21.00. Shops normally open from 10.00 to 14.00 and 17.30 to 20.30pm

What Is The Weather Like?
Trujillo has very hot dry summers with temperatures which often reach 40 degrees in late July and in general, little rain and mild winters. There’s usually plenty of sunshine even if it’s cold, making Trujillo a perfect all year round destination. In May/June the countryside is particularly pretty, with carpets of wild flowers for miles into the horizon. In late summer, the scorching summer temperatures drop to more comfortable levels and September/October are usually very pleasant. For latest weather forecasts please go to: http://www.yr.no/place/Spain/Extremadura/Trujillo~6356890/

What Are the Contact Details for Emergency Services?
Trujillo Police +34 927 320 108 / National Police 091

Red Cross of Trujillo / Ambulance
Trujillo Red Cross +34 927 222 222 / Ambulances of the red cross 112 www.cruzroja.es

Fire Brigade
Trujillo Fire Brigade + 34 927 248 284

Tourist health care services
Emergencies 061

What is the payment policy before the holiday?
In order secure your villa rental, we require 30% booking deposit in advance to hold the booking (non-refundable); and payment of final balance 8 weeks prior to arrival.

What is the cancellation policy in the event of cancellation?
Cancellation must be communicated to us in writing and takes effect from the date received by us. In the event of cancellation then the following charges become applicable:
Less than 2 weeks prior to arrival date - 100%of full cost
Between 2-4 weeks prior to arrival date - 90% of full cost
Between 4-6 weeks prior to arrival date - 75% of full cost

Meeting & Greeting / Check-in & Check out times
After booking your villa you will receive a confirmation email with details of your stay.
We will contact you separately to confirm which of our representatives will meet you in Trujillo the day you arrive.

If you have any queries, please contact us, details on the Contact Us page


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