Extremadura Bird Watching Fair at Monfrague

Extremadura Bird Watching Fair at Monfrague

From Saturday, 23rd February 2019 to Monday, 25th February 2019

Located just 30 minutes drive from our wonderful villas, Monfrague is a mecca for ornithologists and bird specialists from around Europe and beyond. Don’t miss The Extremadura Bird Watching Fair (FIO), which runs from 23-25 February 2018.

Like every year, the birdwatching fair will be held in Villareal de San Carlos, in the heart of the Monfragüe National Park. There will be conferences, visits into the National Park, workshops and all kind of activities from over 70 companies and organizations that will be present at the fair. Don't miss it!

Be sure to visit our villa details pages and please ask for low season special offers on our accommodation including our lovely Artists Studio which sleeps 2 people.

Birds to Watch

Every year, thousands of birdwatchers are attracted to Extremadura because geographically it is situated within the migratory routes of several bird species.

During the two month Spanish Bird Watching Fair, join in with a community of international bird watchers to wave goodbye to Autumn and welcome in Spring. You’ll witness the wonder of intelligent winged creatures in their natural environment, some of which are threatened species and a privilege to see.

Home to some 155 species of birds, you’ll hopefully get to see some of the following:

Great and Lesser Bustards – Trujillo is proud to be the home of 15% of the earth’s population of these large birds. Favouring grassland, they like to habitat flat plains where they can be seen walking slowly and eating insects.

Black Vultures - Also known as Monk Vultures due to their feather colours and bald appearance from a distance, they are a part of the family Accipitridae. They are believed to be the largest true bird of prey in the world.

Iberian Imperial Eagles – This threatened species of eagle now only habitats central and south-west Spain. Feeding mainly on rabbits, these birds have a wingspan of some 80inches and have been known to prey on small dogs.

Other possible birds include five species of eagle, three species of kite and two species of harrier, whilst a large number of waterfowl species are found in and around the reservoir.

Trujillo Wildlife

The Extremadura southwest region of authentic Spain is a hotspot for nature due to its combination of varied habitats, for example the reservoir, and low population density. Home to many species of bird, this area covers the grassland of La Serrena and Trujillo and the Gredos mountains.

The National Park at Monfragüe is a must for anyone with a keen eye for nature. It is home to an interesting mix of rare species you are unlikely to see together anywhere else in the world - the Iberian Lynx, wild cats, wild boar, red, roe and fallow deer, otters and reptiles. Many of these animals have disappeared from other Europeans countries, and make for fantastic photographic opportunities.

In addition, this part of Spain still utilises traditional agricultural practices that allow a large range of flora and fauna to prosper; their environment stays natural and ideally undamaged by industrial mechanisms.


Trujillo Activities

Trujillo is one of the best places for bird watching, but is also well-known for unique cuisine. Every year in April, the fine cheeses the area cultivates are showcased at the Spanish Cheese Festival.

Two distinctly local cheeses to try are the PDO protected Ibores and La Serena cheese. The first is a goat’s cheese complete with a creamy taste, whereas the latter offers up a salty bitterness of the highest quality. If you want to truly experience it as a local delicacy, remove the top and delve in with a spoon.

Another interesting food experience would be to try the honeys produced in the area – particularly black honey from the Dehesa, a woodland area home to black-footed Ibérico pigs. These delicious treats offer up a taste of Trujillo to write home about.

If you are on a driving holiday, you’ll be easily tempted by the beauty of Zafra, a small but beautiful town of 15,000 inhabitants. Visit the town’s old quarter to immerse yourself in centuries old architecture. If this doesn’t satisfy your appetite for the past, then perhaps Caceres can help. This walled town is complete with cobbled streets, monuments and statues, just thirty minutes west of Trujillo.

Visit at the right time of year, and you can view all the region offers under a warm sun and soak in the atmosphere.

Trujillo Accommodation

No matter your trip budget, we offer authentic, beautiful rental villas in Spain so you can experience the local culture in luxury. Browse our selection of unique villa rental properties and chose the right room for you, whether you are looking for fantastic views or the highest quality of modernity and style.

The Townhouse
is a traditional option built in the 18th century. It is the ideal combination of historic class and modern practicality. This low-priced accommodation is clean and offers all the basics you’d expect. Staying here, you’ll be in the middle of town life, only a minute’s walk from the main square. With five bedrooms, a sitting room and a small, private outside terrace, this is a good choice if you are travelling in a group.

Villa Moritos is a sensational rental villa, which holds importance in the local culture as it was originally a Conquistador's mansion. Situated on the hilltop, it hosts stunning views and overlooks its own walled gardens. The large garden and outside dining area make it the right choice if you hope to spend many hours relaxing in beautiful surroundings. It is a grand house, complete with its own swimming pool and free on-street parking.

The Artists Studio
is a restored rental villa. Once in ruins, in now offers a contemporary open plan space with views onto a private terrace perfect for relaxing after a long day sight-seeing. Uniquely, the property is divided into two levels by a steel staircase. The master bedroom is upstairs and downstairs is a large living area and kitchen. This is a great option for couples looking to rent for a romantic Spanish getaway.

Remember to check our special deals for The Townhouse and The Studio during the Extremadura Bird Watching Fair.

Please note, some of the imagery on this page is provided courtesy of Alan Redley.

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