The National Spanish Cheese Festival in early May

The National Spanish Cheese Festival in early May

From Friday, 28th April 2017 to Monday, 01st May 2017

'Bienvenido' to The National Spanish Cheese Festival in Trujillo 

This year, "La Feria del Queso", as it's known locally, is in its 30th year and the festival will take place in Trujillo from 28th April to 1st May 2017.  The event attracts thousands of visitors who all agree that the city of Trujillo is the perfect food holiday destination.

The festival is now the largest cheese fair in the world. The Plaza Mayor, or main square, in Trujillo is transformed into a colourful cheese village. Hundreds of stands, displaying the finest cheeses, are awash with the tastes and smells of local and national cheeses. Many local cheese makers and farmers, who use milk from their goats or sheep, have developed and mature their own cheeses. Additionally, there are wine and beer stalls. Foodie heaven! 

National Spanish Cheese Festival in Trujillo, Spain

A Great Event for Food Lovers

If you're planning to visit this rustic part of Spain as part of a foodie holiday, the National Spanish Cheese Festival in Trujillo offers mouth-watering treats for everyone. 

Spain has the fourth largest consumption of cheese in the world and this love of cheese is demonstrated through the hundreds of cheese makers who will be present at the Trujillo festival.

The festival offers visitors the opportunity to try many rare types of cheese not found anywhere else outside of the Extremadura region area. 

National Spanish Cheese Festival in Trujillo, Spain

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese...

In Extremadura, cheese is mainly made from the milk of goats and sheep. There are 3 main regional cheese denominations: Torta del Casar, Torta La Serena and Los Ibores.

  • Torta del Casar

    Made from sheep's milk, this cheese is one of the most renowned in the festival's home region of Extremadura. Curdled with thistle, it is eaten by slicing the top off the round casing and using the creamy contents to cover thick crusts of bread. It's also used to top a meat cake of onion and minced beef, to produce a filling, local dish. 
  • Torta la Serena

    This sheep's milk is made from the milk of the merino sheep. It is another cheese that is sliced open at the top. It is more flavoursome when warmed slightly before being sliced as it brings out the nutty flavour.
  • Los Ibores

    This goat's cheese is made in the Ybor valley of nearby Cáceres. Produced since the 15th century and made from the milk of Serranas goats, this cheese has a mild taste with a slight spicy, salty flavour. It is perfect served with a sprinkling of paprika, then covered with oil alongside a simple salad. It is also delicious when cooked and served with roasted figs.
  • Manchego

    A national favourite, this cheese will be displayed in a number of stalls at the National Cheese Festival in Trujillo. It's made from  sheep's milk with a well developed, but not overpowering flavour. When blended with cow's milk, the cheese is known as Manchego Iberico. It's a great accompaniment to a selection of tapas. 

Some cheesemakers produce their cheeses from one kind of milk, others from a mix. The results give a whole palette of gastronomic delights; soft cheeses you can easily eat with a spoon or cheeses that you slice for tapas that have a salty, piquant flavours.

At the fair there will be a large selection of cheeses on display that are produced in other regions of Spain, such as Asturias Cabrales cheese, Galician Tetilla cheese and Basque Idiazabal cheese. 

The festival welcomes a guest nation each year, previously Portugal, France, Italy, and Holland. The guest nation displays many typical cheeses and we're excited to discover which country will feature this year. Watch this space for more details! 

With more than 300 varieties of national and international cheeses to taste, visitors will be spoilt for choice.

National Spanish Cheese Festival in Trujillo, Spain

Conde Nast Traveller has featured Trujillo Villas and the Spanish National Cheese Festival in their Best Festivals Around the World. 

Trujillo Food and Wine

Trujillo is also a fantastic place to enjoy some of the finest food Spain and Europe has to offer. Extremadura is famous for its dehesa forests which are vital for the region’s most famous export - iberico ham.

Iberico ham is made from black iberico pigs that eat the acorns from the dehesa oak forests. Iberico ham is famous for its delicate and beautiful taste and is often quoted as being the world’s finest ham. Delicious as part of tapas or on some locally baked bread with some wine.

In addition to this, Trujillo and the Extremadura region are also famous for producing paprika - Spain’s second most valuable spice after saffron. During the Spanish Cheese Festival, you will be able to enjoy many wonderful local dishes. You can read our recommendations for local restaurants here.

Iberico Ham

Trujillo Activities

Trujillo isn't just famous for its delicious cuisine and gastronomy; it’s also rich in history and culture. Birthplace of the Conquistadors, Trujillo boasts unique architecture with many palaces, churches and one of the finest main squares in Spain. 

The cheese festival is held in the Plaza Mayor (Main Square). Famed for its distinctive atmosphere and nightlife, the Square is also home to Trujillo’s most recognisable landmark - the magnificent statue of Francisco Pizarro, the Conquistador who conquered Peru in the 16th century. The square is lined with restaurants and bars - with many allowing you to eat on the square itself.

Other local highlights include the towns impressive castle at the top of the town, Santa Maria church and several 16th century palaces owned by esteemed Spanish families. Trujillo is also home to the famous 'nuns with buns' experience - cakes and biscuits are baked within the cloister of the Santa Clara convent by a closed order of nuns and you can order them though a hidden turntable.

There are also several other beautiful cities just a short car ride away that are perfect for day trips. Guadalupe, Caceres and Merida. Extremadura is also famous for its beautiful flora and fauna with many rare birds to be found. Trujillo makes for a fantastic bird watching holiday in Europe where you can enjoy the warm weather and long hours of sunshine to your bird watching advantage.

Trujillo Accommodation

Our rental villas offer the perfect escape in authentic Spain. Steeped in history, the properties offer a wealth of possibilities to suit all budgets. Choose from the perfect room with a view, a romantic getaway, a garden paradise or a unique historic palacio. We offer our guests a unique range of luxury villa rental properties.

Villa Piedras Albas is situated on the Main Square itself and has an incredible loggia balcony overlooking the square - what better way to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Trujillo atmosphere? As one of Trujillo’s most historic landmarks, it is a stunning example of 16th century Renaissance architecture. The loggia offers a fantastic view of the many celebrations, fiestas and festivals that happen during the year in Trujillo, including the cheese festival.

Villa Martires and the Garden Cottage, built in Roman times and extended in 12th century as military garrison to town’s castle, offer high end luxury in an elegant private estate. A dream destination with 180 degree spectacular views, private tennis court and stunning Roman style swimming pool.

Villa Moritos, originally part of a Conquistador’s mansion, is a private wonderland set within charming walled gardens with spacious living areas and spectacular views. The accommodation is elegantly presented on ground floor level throughout, opening on to secluded gardens, immaculate front and side terraces, a variety of outside dining and seating areas and an attractive swimming pool. 

The Artists Studio is perfect for couples. This quaint property is just a short walk from the Main Square and is ideal for weekend breaks away. 

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