Useful info

Useful info


Trujillo has very hot dry summers with temperatures which often reach 40 degrees in late July and in general, little rain and mild winters. Even if it’s cold, it’s usually sunny making Trujillo a perfect all year round destination. In May/June the countryside is particularly pretty, with carpets of wild flowers for miles into the horizon. In late summer, the scorching summer temperatures drop to more comfortable levels and September/October are usually very pleasant.

For latest weather forecasts please go to:

Please note our swimming pools and tennis court are closed between November and April.

red cross iconThe nearest hospitals are in Caceres which is 45km by car. If you need to see a doctor during your stay in Trujillo, go to the Ambulatorio drop in centre. There are also dentists and several pharmacies around town. Travel insurance is recommended in case of emergencies. Please notify us if you have a pre existing medical condition or have special medication requirements, at the time of booking.

Trujillo is a quiet town and has a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for visitors travelling with children and teenagers. Please see our About Us Page / Reviews. As a precaution, we advise that reasonable care is taken when visitors leave the villas to go out and that doors and windows are locked. Insurance for personal belongings is recommended.

Useful information

time iconTime Zone
+1 GMT

Official Language
Spanish (it’s advisable to bring a phrase book, English in this part of Spain is basic)

Trujillo Population
9840 Inhabitants

 Main Trujillo Public holidays

January 1: New Year / January 6: Epiphany / March 19: Saint Joseph / April 1: Easter / May 31: Corpus Christi / May 1: International Labour Day / April 28-May 2: Trujillo National Cheese Festival / 11-18 August: Trujillo Local Festivals & Assumption of the Virgin Mary / September 1: Trujillo Festival & "Salve” Weekend / October 12: National Day of Spain / November 1: All Saints’ Day / December 6: Spanish Constitution Day / December 8: Immaculate Conception / December 9: Saint Leocadia / December 25: Christmas. For full details on Trujillo festivals please visit the Activities page, tab Fiestas & Festivals.

The Spanish phone code is +34, the Trujillo code is 927. 

Trujillo Police +34 927 320 108 / National Police 091

Red Cross of Trujillo / Ambulance
Trujillo Red Cross +34 927 222 222 / Ambulances of the red cross 112

Fire Brigade
Trujillo Fire Brigade + 34 927 248 284

Tourist health care services
Emergencies 061

Every Thursday from 9am-2pm, in the street directly below the main square.

The old part of Trujillo has well maintained cobbled streets. Flat shoes for sightseeing highly recommended.


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